We offer you an unique method of acne and rosacea treatment. For some cases it will be every day meeting and for some of them only 1-2 times a week.

What YOU CAN HAVE by this treatments:

* Acne (result after 2 to 6 weeks)

* Acne Rosacea (result after 2 to 6 weeks)

* Rosacea

* Blood Blisters, splash veins

To learn more and use my years of experience and knowledge in the field of skin disorders such as acne and / or rosacea?

What you need to do in the course of treatment:

Depending on the severity of the skin disorder treatment, there sees an average as follows:

1st week → 6 to 7 treatments

2nd week → 6 treatments

3rd week → 3 to 4 treatments

After the first week, viewed together how the developments and discuss whether continuation is necessary or desirable.

There are a number of conditions where you keep "must" during treatment.

Food and drink

What you "NOT" can eat and drink during the treatment period:

* Red fruit

* Eggs

* Chocolate

* Sugar (use sparingly)

* Coffee

* Whipped Cream

* Notes

* Citrus fruits

* Peppers and tomatoes

* Spicy seasoning

* Cheese

* Soy sauce

* Pork and marinades

* Grease

* Alcohol

* Dairy products

What more does not to do:

Avoid during the treatment period: sunlight, stress, strong emotions such as anger, excitement and shame. No heavy work and all forms of sports associated with high levels of sweating. Also hot showers, steam rooms, hot tub, sauna are not allowed in this period. Also, avoid extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations, cold and wind.

Facial Care

During the treatment period, you get products with. Only this you need to use in order to achieve optimal results. Other facial care products should "NOT" be used during the treatment period.

During the treatment period may be wet skin "NOT". You will explain how your skin, if you can make it necessary or clean.

Prior to the treatment, you will receive detailed information on how the treatment will take place and what are the rules. A good start is important for maximum results.

How to book the treatment?

Based on the transmitted photos will find a telephone interview (consultation) place and you will be informed about the condition of the skin and associated treatments, costs and guidelines.

In some (quite extreme) cases will still be several treatments in the 4th and / or 6 th week.

For best results, the treatments must continuous and daily without intermission to take place. Step by step to a positive result.

It is important that you keep the treatment and use home maintenance products.

Call without obligation for more information and / or make an appointment for a free consultation.

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