Welcome to our spa in Warsaw, facials, we offer facial treatments przeciwzmarszczokowe face neck and neck, rejuvenating at the neck and face.
In our spa in Warsaw e we offer highly regenerating treatments for the face, mesotherapy and dermapen (microcenthesis) and earrings Blomdahl method. Our spa in Warsaw is waiting for Pańswa. Our beauticians in Warsaw are at your disposal. In our Warsaw boutique spa awaits you also manicure and pedicure.
Manual cleansing facial mask and serum 75 140 zł
Basic manual cleaning with a mask 60 130 zł
Manual cleansing back 60 130 zł
Manual cleaning of the treatment 30 80 zł
Professional L Anti-aging Face de Lux treatment strongly lifting and moisturizing - without skin firmness, willowy, with a deficiency of nutrients, having wrinkles and static inadequate to age excessively fired, dehydrated, dry
Face 60 120 zł
Face, neck neckline 90 190 zł
Gold and pearls brightening LIFTING TREATMENT WITH NANO GOLD and biologically active collagen and peeling pearl (make-up removal, peeling pearl / enzyme, cavitation, gold mask with collagen, nanozłotem and peptides, iontophoresis, kem nourishing Martixilem 3000TM) 90 150 zł
Collagen Fountain of Youth - peeling / microdermabrasion / glicopeel long massage of biologically active collagen mask, cream (compresses salt from ocean salt generated from the water with a large depth, rich in minerals, scrub, massage, mask, serum peptide cream) intense care 120 170 zł
Golden mask on the bust and neckline nourishing treatment with collagen and hyaluronic acid (peeling, mask iontophoresis, cream) 45 80 zł
MASSAGE FACE and neck (make-up removal, toning, cream) 20 60 zł
Eye Rescue Treatment 30 100 zł / 60 zł for surgery
Lip Rescue Treatment 20 60 zł / 40 zł for surgery
Alpha Vitamin (A, E or C) treatment vitamin 110 zł
For all kind skin 60
C-peel - brightening, stimulating the production of collagen - an enzyme peeling and Cavitation of Vitamin C, C + +-peel cream 30 120 zł
Welcome to our spa treatments on Warszwie twarzm neck neckline, facial massage, peeling c peel, and many others.