TREATMENTS signed Repechage / facials Repechage
4-Layer Facial a four-rejuvenating treatment 290 zł
Anti-Aging treatment for all kind skin 
Vita Cura 5 Phase Firming treatment five- 350 zł
5 phase firming for all kind skin
Hydra 4 Red-OutZabieg for sensitive skin, redness, erythema and rosacea, atopic 500 zł
Hydra 4 TREATMENT protection
Soothe and calm. For sensitive and reactive skin  220 zł
Express Laminaria Sea Weed Treatment - matched to the type of skin, moisturizing and regenerating algae mask and serum which performs massage. 110 zł
4-Layer Stone Facial & Body Therapy 4 - Layer facial treatment with volcanic stones body massage 460 zł
Therapy face and body with volcanic stones 90 minutes
 Cabo stone massage body firming facial treatment Pure Body and face Revival - Hot stones massage with facial treatment 350 zł
Hydra Refine cleansing treatment - moisturizing 220 zł
On the instant it refreshing treatment  150 zl
European Facial Cleansing treatment Repechage 180 zł
TREATMENTS Clinical Is Signed
Fiszz Facial - Treatment Champagne  230 zł
Fiszz Facial Extra - Champagne treatment (massage)  260 zł
TREATMENTS signed Biomaris / facials Biomaris
Biomaris Jubiliee - treatment collagen - caviar, deeply revitalizing 160 zł
Biomaris Rich Care Caviar treatment with caviar 140 zł
Biomaris Rich Care Concept regenerating treatment 130 zł
TREATMENTS signed Saluterra
Saluterra treatment for acne or rosacea treatment with clay Cambrian  140 zł
Saluterra rejuvenating treatment on the nonwoven 140 zł
The treatment revitalizes Rejuvenating Eye 99 zł
TREATMENTS signed ELIXIR by Nature
Time Stop - Rejuvenating Lifting 140 zł
Pure Control - antytrądzikowy 140 zł
Skin Guard - skin capillaries - acne rosacea 140 zł
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