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Tibetan Medicine in Warsaw
 We invite you to consult with a specialist in Tibetan medicine specialist.
We offer Tibetam massage 60 min. 210 pln, 90 min. 290 pln
acupuncture warsaw
In our salon medi spa in Warsaw we did not dissociate ourselves from the ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is practiced by many Chinese medicine and many Western doctors. And we in our spa in Warsaw We combine the achievements of culture and science of the West with the acquis culture Wshodu. One of these treatments in the spa in Warsaw is acupuncture.
Welcome to the acupuncture treatments with an experienced therapist.
 Our therapist also diagnosed based on the appearance of language.
Acupuncture treatments are perfect for the following ailments and many others:
- Quit smoking
- On udchudzanie
- Allergy
- Bone pain, sciatica, post-traumatic pain
- Problems with the endocrine
- Irregular menstruation
- Problems with the digestive tract
- insomnia
- stress
- Lack of energy, fatigue irritability
- obesity
- addictions
- and many others
We accept entries by telephone or in person.
tel. 884 616 116
ul.Żelazna 67 room 35 1st floot
reiki warsaw
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