What is a semi permanent manicure?
Semi Permanent Manicure  is applied as a thin layer of varnish. Then cured under UV light. Lacquer shines more when compared to a regular manicure. Most importantly, manicure hybrid is generally maintained for 2-4 weeks (even when performing household chores).
Beyond the breaking up and the soft layer of nail varnish strengthens them and allows you to grow a longer nail. However, you must remember that if the nails are split, fragile or very thin paint will not be as durable as in the case of a healthy plate, but still much more durable than traditional paint.
Manufacturers claim lacquer semi permanent manicure  method is hypoallergenic and free from substances harmful to the nail plate, and therefore safe for health. What is the secret?
Special enamel to perform manicure semi permanent is a combination of paint and gel. Hybrid manicure not, however, remove the ordinary nail polish remover.
For the removal of the need for special liquid acetone-based and therefore to remove styling, again go to the beauty salon. Manicurist wipes are impregnated / special cereal-based liquid of acetone and applies them to the nail and then, after about 10 - 15 minutes the coating is removed.
We should also remember that ....
to take care of the nail should remember about proper diet conditioners etc.
We also offer manicure clasic with lacquer or nutrient and biological.
We also offer chemical pedicure and paraffin on feet and hands.
Paraffin treatment for hands or feet is performed by peeling, applying a mask, and then paraffin, and then the foil and gloves.
Manicure SPA - consists manicure, performed by peeling and massage, mask and paraffin application, then foil gloves.
All nail art are handmade.
We offer varnishes hybrid traditional and monophasic (without the base and the masthead).
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