Indigo Fusion Anti-Aging Medi SPA

Massage, Beautician, Botox, Facial, Acne, Rosacea, Lip Filers, PRP, Plasmolifting     
Indigo Fusin Anti-Aging Medi SPA
(old name: Buddha SPA)
ul. Żelazna 67, room 35, 1-st floor, 
 00-871 Warszawa, Śródmieście
 tel.: +48 884 616 116 (English, Polski)
Telefon: +48 535 70 33 70 
email: infoindigospa (at) gmail. com
More info about massage:
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Call to make apointment: +48 884 616 116 lub +48 535 70 33 70 


Our Location

You need to enter the gate then when you are in front of fountain you will have on right hand out staircase enterance. We are on 1st floor no. 35. 


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